CertifyBot: Simplify authentication, boost success rate

Quickly integrate a ready-made solution to verify user identities globally through channels such as SMS, Email, Voice, etc., by sending one-time passwords (OTP).

What will you build with CertifyBot API?

Login without Password

Traditional static passwords created by users are easily susceptible to attacks. By completing the login process with OTP for identity verification, not only does it bring better security, it also improves user experience and brings more business liquidity.

Reasons to love CertifyBot API

A simple and secure verification solution.

Easy Integration

Quickly integrate CertifyBot API into your application system with simple APIs to achieve global user verification.

View our sample code and best practices to quickly integrate and launch within a short time.

Integrated multi-channel, provides generation, sending, and verification of verification code, and fraud monitoring, data statistics, allowing you to focus on important code.

Built-in tools monitor message delivery rates and verification success rate

Preset Template Message

Presets message templates to suit various verification scenarios, such as authentication, account verification, password reset, etc.

Use compliant verification message templates to ensure that messages sent will not be filtered by operators.

Automatically translate to the local language based on the region of user's phone number, with English as a backup language


integrated with various mainstream messaging channels to ensure global verification message delivery

Ready to use, supports SMS, Email, and Voice

Preset verified numbers and sender IDs, no need to purchase numbers or submit complex authentication materials

Automatic routing to other channels in case of message delivery failure to make sure verification of message delivery

Say goodbye to fraud & attacks

The product has a built-in mechanism for number detection, blocking, and warning. No solution can guarantee 100% effective defense against seasoned attackers, but it can provide timely warnings or reduce losses incurred.

Number detection and interception

Blacklist restriction

Regional Permission Restrictions

Verification exception alerts

Our Advantages

Ultra-low prices

Free registration, start building business platform without commitment, no software fees, only charge according to consumption.

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High delivery rate

CertifyBot has accumulated years of international cloud communication technology, combined with our channel routing strategy, allowing verification messages to be accurately delivered to the end user.

Intimate service

Provides 7/24 online support in multiple languages, such as English and Chinese, to ensure that you are connected directly to live customer support.

Deeper insights into CertifyBot API solution

User Authentication

Weighing Up the Best Identity Verification Channels for Your Website or Mobile App

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What is a one time password (OTP)?

Features and benefits explained

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Send a verification code in under 3 minutes

Only a few steps to verify users from any channels in 225 countries worldwide,helping you focus on important codes

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Start using CertifyBot to Simplify Verification

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